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  • The Parkside practice is currently closed due to Covid-19. Please contact us at the City East practice on (08) 8223 6372

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  • Hands-on treatment
  • Manipulation
  • Mobilisation
  • Massage Therapy
  • Home Exercise programs
  • Dry Needling
  • Home Visits

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Physio Questions

Do I need a Drs Referral to see a Physio?

No. In Australia Physiotherapists are licensed as first contact health practitioners. So if you have a physical problem you would like help with you can book straight in without any referral.

Your Physio can refer you for an xray if required and also provide a sick certificate as necessary if the condition warrants it, and will refer you to liaise with your GP with your consent as necessary.

In the instance you are eligible and need to claim your treatment on Medicare through the enhanced primary care programme you will need to organise this with your GP prior to your first appointment.

Your Physio can also refer you for an xray if they think it’s required.

Do we offer home consults?

Yes we do. You will need to call your closest Core Physio practice to organise a time for a Physiotherapist to attend.Your first home consultation will be a longer session to allow time for both assessment and treatment.
Subsequent home consultations will be scheduled for 30 minutes. Your treating Physio can bring any equipment required including a portable treatment bed.

Do you have both male and female Physios available for treatments?

At all sites we usually have both male and female Physiotherapists available. If you’re calling to make an appointment please indicate if you have a preference, and we will ensure that you get the Physio of your choice.

How long is a Physiotherapy appointment?

Your initial consultation which will include assessment questions about your current problem, as
well as looking at the movements, muscle function and feeling the joints muscles and tissues
related to your problem as well as treatment exercise and advice and plan of action will
generally take around 40 minutes.

Subsequent treatment times when your Physio already knows your problem and does not
require a full assessment last form 20-30 minutes.

A long consultation of 40 minutes may be required for a new problem, complex problems or multiple areas to be treated in one session.
Please let reception know when booking if you think you will need a long appointment.

You cannot book a long appointment online.

PhysioX classes last 45 minutes

What are Core Physiotherapy and Pilates Studios opening hours?

Our opening hours vary from practice to practice, generally we’re open from 8.30am to
8.00 pm on weekdays and 8.30am-1.00 pm on Saturdays.
Please check your locations page at your closest Core Physio and Pilates Studio practice.
You can visit this link to find your local practice

What is the difference between a Physio and a Chiropractor?

Physiotherapists and Chiropractors have very different training.
Physiotherapy as a profession originated out of nursing, during the polio epidemics of the 1950’s. Nurses specialised in providing massage and exercise therapies to polio sufferers. Physiotherapy has evolved as a profession from these roots.
Physiotherapist training is university based and within the hospital system through the departments of Orthopaedic.
Physiotherapists learn about the body’s movement system through Kinesiology – the study of movement and Chiropractors treat patients based mainly on manipulation with the idea that there are dysfunctions within the spine.

What should I wear to my Physiotherapy appointment?

The Physio will need to be able to see your problem area without clothing covering it.

Often, the areas surrounding the problem area are also relevant.

For example if you have a shoulder injury your Physio will want to see and feel your shoulder, shoulder blade and upper back/neck area. So a singlet of some kind would be ideal if you don’t want to take off everything!

At Core Physio & Pilates Studio, modesty gowns/or shorts (much like hospital attire) are always available if you need to come in your work clothes.

As a general rule loose flexible clothing that you can easily remove is the best.

What Can I Expect To Pay?

How much does Physiotherapy cost?

The pricing of these services varies according to your health fund.

This link shows you the highest and lowest amounts that you can expect to pay for our services.
You can select the pop up box that relates to your health fund

Is there a gap for Medicare?

No, at this point in time we do not charge a gap for regular appointments.
If advised by your doctor, you can be eligible for up to 5 appointments a year covered by Medicare’s EPC program.

You will need a referral from your doctor before booking your appointment.

For more information go to our what can i expect to pay ‘medicare section’ of the website.

What will my out of pocket cost be?

This will depend upon your private health insurance fund. You should contact your private health fund for details on the rebates your level of cover provides. You can also refer to the ‘What Can I Expect To Pay’ page of our website


Physio Group Exercise

Do we do semi-private Physio Group Exercise sessions?

Yes. This is when 2 people share a 30-40 minute session.

What is Pilates vs PhysioEX?

PhysioEx is the name we give the individualised exercise classes we provide.

We used to call these Pilates classes, because amongst other things we used Pilates equipment for rehabilitation exercise classes.
Before commencing you will have a full assessment and goal setting session with your Physio, who will then set you up with your own individualised program of exercises.

Each PhysioEx class of up to 6 people will be fully supervised by a Physio who will monitor all participants who are each working on their own exercise programs during that time.

As Physio’s we always prescribe some form of exercise as treatment to maximise your recovery and to get you back to the things you want to do, as well as to prevent debility and recurrence of injuries.

PhysioEx classes utilise many different types of equipment from treadmill/bike, weights, Pilates equipment (reformer, mat, trapeze table etc), mat/floor exercises, foam rollers and stretching.

Pilates is the name for a particular form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates – in the early to mid 1900’s that uses a specific style of movements and Pilates equipment.
In Australia you cannot receive any health insurance rebates for Pilates classes.

For PhysioEx classes loose flexible clothing, a T-shirt or loose track pants, shorts, or leggings suitable for exercising are required so that you’re able to move well. Socks are required for hygiene reasons, we have a range of grip socks available for purchase.

Dry Needling

Do we perform Acupuncture/Dry Needling?

Yes, most of our Physio’s are trained in dry needling but not acupuncture.

Dry needling involves treating affected and localised muscle pain issues with needling techniques with the intention of getting the muscle to release and relax, and increasing blood flow to the area for healing.

However the philosophy behind this is very different from acupuncture, which is a holistic approach derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine addressing blockages in the energy systems of the body.

NDIS Services

Can we put a service agreement together?

Some of our practices are able to put service agreements together for you.

Can we service portal managed clients?

At Core Physio and Pilates Studio we are a registered NDIS service provider through My Place.

How big is the waiting room? Is there a place that I can go if it’s too noisy?

This size of the waiting room varies according to each practice, some of the practices offer noise cancelling earphones.

Is your Physio able to write an NDIS report for you? How long does it take to write an NDIS report?

Your Physio can write an NDIS report for you, an NDIS report is requested before the client is about to get assessed for a new plan. NDIS reports take between half an hour to an hour to complete.

What do we charge for NDIS services?

We charge the gazetted rates as set by NDIS

What is the amount of time allocated for NDIS appointments?

An initial assessment is one hour long, after your initial appointment your Physio will determine how many treatments that you need and how long that your appts need to be for you to get the maximum benefit of Physiotherapy care. We will discuss the program in collaboration with the client and their careers and their NDIS plan managers.

Women’s Health

Do we help with Women’s Health?

Yes. All Physiotherapists are trained in Women’s Health, if your condition is related to pain or strain associated with pregnancy or postpartum care any of the Physios can help you with this.
However, some Physios specialise in this area through further training as they develop a special interest and expertise in that area.

If your condition/problem relates to a specific Women’s Health issue, such as incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse etc you’ll need to book in with a Women’s Health Physio.
Currently we have Women’s Health Physios at Core Physio Marion and Melrose Park.

Do we offer internal Women’s Health examinations?

Some Physiotherapists receive special training to provide this form of assessment and treatment of the pelvic muscles and tissues.
If you are having problems in this area, mention it when you’re making a booking and be sure you are booking with one of the Physios with these skills- at Marion and Melrose Park.

Shockwave Therapy

Do we offer Shockwave Therapy?

Yes, we provide this service at all of our locations.


Paediatric Physio

Do we offer Paediatric Physiotherapy Services?

Yes, some of our Physiotherapists have a special interest in Paediatrics,
they are currently located at our Aberfoyle Park, Burnside and Christies Beach practices.

Massage Therapy

Do we offer lymphatic massage?

No, we don’t offer this service to our patients.

Do we offer massage services?

Yes and no. After assessing your injury/problem your Physio will come up with a plan of management. This could include any or more of the following as appropriate to your condition:
Joint mobilisation or manipulation, soft tissue release / massage / muscle release / dry needling, muscle energy techniques, McKenzie therapy, shockwave therapy, postural and lifestyle advice and movement pattern retraining, exercise therapy and exercise prescription.

In other words, we often use therapeutic massage as part of your treatment based on what we think will give you the best quickest and most effective outcome for your problem.

Our primary method of solving clients problems is via a hands on approach.

In this approach combined with massage are other techniques such as release of stiff and immobile areas.

We do not provide general remedial or relaxation massage.

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